Born in 1992, Chloe is bathed early in an artistic environment where images are considered as a privileged medium to express emotions and commitments. She therefore naturally starts « Art History » studies in Lyon (Université Louis Lumière, 2010-2013) specializing in the artistic trends of the 15th to the 17th century.

She then concludes her education with Cinema Studies in Paris (Université Paris VIII, 2013-2016), specialized in aesthetics and documentary making.

Motivated by a dire need to bear witness of the world’s turmoil, she decides in 2017 that her medium will be photography, in a resolutely journalistic dimension.

After a year working regularly in Lebanon among Lebanese, Syrian and Palestinian women, Chloe pushes a step further her commitments and creates the association “Alhawiat”, promoting the role of women in the reconstruction of post-conflictual societies in the Middle-East through conferences and discussion panels in France.

She joins the Pictorium Agency in 2018.

Since then, she continues focusing on the Middle-East and women’s rights, while her work has been published in the international press such as the Washington Post,  Newsweek Japan, Le Figaro, Amnesty International, Der Spiegel, Le Temps, Neue Zurcher Zeitung...


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