Flamingo business

Illegal flamingo poaching and trafficking in Iraq's southern marshes. Iraq, 2020

Saving Saint-Catherine

The digitalising of Saint-Catherine Monastery's treasures in the Sinai, Egypt. 2019.

From Both Sides of the Wall

Nakba Day in Palestine and the oppenning of the US Embassy in Jerusalem. May 2018

The Weight of silence

Religion in Paris. 2016.

Bagdad Drift

How Bagdad's youth turns towards car drift to escape conflict and insecurity. Iraq, 2020

The Purest Choice

FGM in Egypt, 2019

From Gaza to Jerusalem

From Gaza to Jerusalem, a notebook. January 2018.

Sugar Girl

The plight of the sugarcane: Abusive hysterectomies among sugarcane cutters in India. 2019

Gaza's Longest Night

Electricity crisis in the Gaza Strip, January 2018


Women and resilience in Lebanon. 2017. 

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