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January 2017 - Among the “30 under 30” by Artpil:

30 women photographers under 30 years old

March 2017 - Recipient of the workshop Noor x

Nikon - Storytelling , Paris

September 2018 - Finalist / Mentor prize #5 at Visa pour l’Image, for “Gaza’s longest night”

October 2018- Press Prize / Zooms 2018 / Salon de la Photo, Paris, for “Gaza’s longest night

March 2020 - Nominated for Joop Swart Masterclass 2020 by Hideko Kataoka, Newsweek Japan.

May 2020 - Grant from the CNAP (National Center of Fine Arts) for «Sugar Girls »

June 2020 - Grant « Brouillon d’un Rêve » by La SCAM for « Sugar Girls »

September 2020 - Grant Francoise Demulder / Visa Pour L’image and Ministry of Culture for "Sugar Girls"

March 2021 - Nominee Leica Oskar Barnack Award

September 2021 - Nominee Visa D'or Daily Press, Visa Pour L'image 2021 - Raqqa's Ashes

September 2021 - Nominated for the Visa d'Or de la Presse Quotidienne (work in Syria for Libération), Visa Pour L'image 

April 2022 - Grande Commande Photographique BNF and Ministry of Culture grant

September 2022 - Nominated for the Visa d'Or de la Presse Quotidienne (work in Ukraine for Le Monde), Visa Pour L'image 

April 2023 - Felix Schoeller Prize: nominee in the "Portrait" category and finalist in the "Photojournalism" category (work in Ukraine)


September 2017 - Exhibition "30 under 30" - Popping Gallery, Roma, Italy

October/Novembre 2018 - Exhibition “Gaza’s longest night” at the Salon de la Photo à Paris

February 2019 - Press Prize and exhibition “Gaza’s longest night” at CP+ in Yokohama, Japan

June - October 2019 - Exhibition “Gaza’s longest night” at Les Focales d’Auges photo festival, France

December 2019 - Exhibition "Gaza's longest night", Le 61, Paris France

September 2020 - Exhibition "Sugar Girls", Visa Pour L'image, Perpignan, France

December - November 2020 - Exhibition « Sugar Girls » at Kawasaki Peace Museum, Japan

February 2021 - Exhibition "Sugar Girls" at the Iwaki Performing Center, Fukushima, Japan

October 2021 - Collective exhibition "Back to Black", Stimultania Gallery, Toulouse

November 2021 - Exhibition "Raqqa's Ashes", Rencontres Photographiques du 10e arrondissement, Paris

November 2021 - "Raqqa's Ashes" at the collective exhibition "Torn appart: between violence and indifference", National Museum of Artillery, Turin, Italy 

June 2022 - Exhibition "I haven't cried in ten years" - Chapelle de l'Annonciation, Perigueux, France

May 2023 - Exhibition "Ukraine, war crimes" at the Felix Schoeller group exhibition, Museumquartier Osnabruck, Germany

July 2023 - Group exhibition "MANIFESTO", Rencontres d'Arles 2023

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