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 Il hurlait encore


Il hurlait encore is an artistic project that questions the near-mechanical repetitiveness of conflict, and the consumption and assimilation by the public of the imagery that arises from it.

Why do all wars resemble each other? Are we unconsciously conforming to visual codes of violence, or is it violence that perpetually reproduces itself in a strikingly similar way?

Is violence not only systematic, but also systemic in its appearance?

Images of war, broadcast on a massive scale, are repeated in the media and appear to be trivialised. 
They are consumed and digested by the public at great speed. From one territory to another, from one decade to another, the same iconographic system seems to fall into place, until it forms nothing more than an opaque cloud in which a warlike symbolism hovers without any depth.

Il hurlait encore is an introspection of my own photographic archives from different conflict zones where I have worked - Syria, Iraq, Ukraine.. -  all becoming the raw material for a reinterpretation of this common iconology.

Photocopying and photo-engraving, as mediums, are used in this project to reproduce and alter the images mechanically. By using such reproductibility methods, new images are created, in which the boundaries between each conflict become blurred.

Ghostly, disquieting, pixelated, (photo)copied again and again, until all that remains is one long scream tying these different visual artefacts of modern violence together.


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